People love it...

Mosquitoes hate it!

Awesome spray smells great and keeps the bugs away, we live in an area full of mosquitoes and now we have you we don’t notice them.

Lori Newy, VIC

My wife and I wanted a natural but effective insect repellent to take with us on our recent trip to China. My wife suffers from Eczma and can’t use the synthetic poison products on her skin.
Tea Tree and Citronella products have left us badly bitten on other Asian holidays. A friend told us about BUG-GRRR OFF, so we took a couple of bottles with us. We wouldn’t go on holiday without it now. Amazing…and it smells great to. Even our grandchildren love it.
Thank you.

Jose, QLD

Friends and I go to New Zealand fly fishing every year. We love our time there but we don’t love the sand flies. This year my local fishing shop sold me a couple of bottles of BUG-GRRR OFF as a natural alternative to our normal repellent. Loved the name! All I can say is.. ”What sand flies” Unlike the offensive smell of other well known brands, the fish actually seemed to like this one, We caught plenty.
Good job guys.

Dr Ian Taylor, VIC

I am the mother of a one year old and have been concerned about the health warnings particularly directed to children on the back of the insect repellents that are widely available. In fact the warnings are quite chilling. I have researched the common ingredient in these products, (DEET). While it seems to be effective, why anyone would put it on themselves, let alone their children in incomprehensible to me. I guess we are in a new age, surrounded by information that perhaps was not available to our parents. I was shocked to learn that DEET is a neurotoxin and effects the central nervous system of all creatures including humans. At last a natural product that works. Go Aussies!
Thank you.

Sapphyre, VIC

I have tried every alternative to DEET products on the market.
I refuse to put toxins on my children and keeping them free of mosquito bites has been a major challenge.
We have a river site along the Murray and the mossies are plentiful and aggressive. I clicked a google at the end of summer, found your web site and luckily there was a pharmacy stocking your product not far from me. What an amazing product.
The mossies do what the bottle says. They actually BUG-GRRR OFF. Thank you so much from me and my girls. I am telling everyone I know.

Lydia, Albury

I wish BUGgrrr Off! had been around when my kids were young, I always felt guilty spraying DEET onto them and never really knowing if I was doing them any long lasting harm. Now I can happily protect my grand kids, myself and even my dog Dexter, who seems to attract all of the Mozzies far and wide.

Steve, NSW

My wife and I used Bug-grr Off on our recent holiday to NZ and found it to be very effective against all of their flying pests. We spent days bush walking around the Abel Tasman National Park and the Glacier regions and came away without a single bite! My wife is particularly susceptible to mosquito bites, so it was invaluable to us and we love the fragrance too! It’s great to know we’re using a natural product and we tell all our friends to throw away their other chemical filled repellents!
Thanks again Bug-grr Off!

Rob & Denise, Upper Ferntree Gully, VIC